About us

iGear is a leading importer, wholesaler & distributor of smart phone accessories including chargers, cables, headphones & earphones, power banks, adapters, Bluetooth and more.

Smart device technology has revolutionised the way in which we interact socially, professionally and leisurely with everything from smart phones to smart watches and fitness devices. The hunger for this technology and the demand to have the latest and greatest has also seen the explosion of the accessories market that compliment and power these devices.  

With a selection of eye catching, high visual display stands, our product range provides impulse sales for a broad range of retail applications.


"Every shopper, every customer and every client has a mobile phone, therefore opportunities for sales and profit are everywhere."


Our commitment is to continuously source the latest accessories at the best possible prices ensuring that our customers maintain a competitive edge in the market.

With an experienced overseas buying team and manufacturing partners, we have forged successful working relationships that give iGear a leading edge and the ability to supply our customers with the best available accessories at competitive prices.

Our mission is to turn customers into friends by working together in achieving a mutually beneficial and rewarding business partnership.

Our business is our passion, your business is our future.